Why should you get fibre?

If you currently have an Internet connection, it is probably delivered via ADSL or the mobile network. These solutions have significant limitations compared with fibre, especially in terms of speed and reliability. In all likelihood, fibre will soon become another natural part of our infrastructure just like electricity, water and sewage. It is super-fast broadband that can deal with the development of Internet services. With fibre, you have broadband that allows you and your family to browse as much as you want – all at once. The equipment we currently use on our fibre network offers speeds of 1 Gbit/s. Your actual speed is determined by which Internet service you select.

Even if you don’t know what you would use a fibre connection for, you are still increasing the value of your property by connecting to the fibre network.

In the long-term, fibre is cheaper than other present day solutions. Furthermore, it has a long lifespan, remains unaffected by weather conditions, and emits no radiation. It is also a good idea to be connected to an infrastructure through which multiple suppliers can deliver their services, rather than being reliant on one supplier.

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