Welcome to splitvision: Borås’ open city network

SplitVision is Borås’ city network. The network is built using fibre-optic cables and offers very high capacity broadband to businesses and residents. All properties connected to the network have access to a reliable network that supports all current services as well as the requirements and opportunities of the future.

SplitVision does not offer its own services, instead providing a marketplace for service providers to engage with businesses and residents. Once you are connected, you can choose from the wide range of services and suppliers available on SplitVision’s network. The network is 100% operator neutral. This enables the various market players to reach their customers while also ensuring that Borås residents have access to the best services the market has to offer.

SplitVision is a business unit in Borås Elnät AB. At present, around 900 workplaces and 14,000 private homes are connected to the city network.